Whats included - A download PDF file and one serial number emailed.  Each boat made must purchase a serial number.  You will receive a serial number with in 24 hours of your purchase.  This file may be printed as often as you like, but each boat will need a separate serial number.  The PDF file can be printed on normal 8.5 x 11 paper, the simple lofting process is explained.  

How much will it cost to build a Boat, and how long will it take?  The average cost will vary on supplies, well below $5,000 was our design goal. Use the Bill of Materials below to estimate your cost. Time is estimated at 200 labor hours.  

EXTERIOR GRADE OR MARINE GRADE PLYWOOD               RESIN & GLASS (for coatings and reinforced areas)
4'x8'x1/4" - 6                                                                             Epoxy resin (#105) 7 Gallons, & Slow Hardener (#206) - 2 Gallons 
4'x8'x1/2" - 2                                                                             Biaxial Fiberglass 50" wide x 40 yards (2-20 yard rolls)​
Saw Horses(can be made with any materials as needed)                    35oz  #406 Colloidal Silica   

estimated  2qty                                                                          35oz #405 Filleting Blend Filler

RECOMMENDED  HP - 15hp tiller controls, 15" Shaft Length  

The "11 Hunter"

This 11' Flat bottom speed boat is made to take you into shallow waters on a budget! 

Stitch and Glue boats ... anyone can build!