Stitch and Glue boats ... anyone can build!


The "Cat" Series

Are you looking for the room of a pontoon boat with out the pontoon feel, this is the cure!  

Coming Soon!   

The "Hunter" Series

Shallow water duck hunters or bass fishing lovers will enjoy our Hunter Series!  


The "Talon" Series

The Talon is built for those people that want to sink their hooks into some great fish.  Fly on over and check this series out you won't be disapointed.   

The "Pearl" Series

The Pearl line is designed for our builders that are looking for a fun boat that will really blow your hair back.   

Boat Plans
Designed with CAD and published in a easy to print PDF file. 


Forum and Builder Support
Each or our company builds shall be posted to the forum for builders to learn from each other.  We encourage all the builders to create a thread for each build.


As boats are completed we are  hopping to create an event  for builders to attend, stay tuned for details.

What We Offer

Our family has been receiving joy from boating for many years.   We at Anders Boats have decided to give back to this amazing pastime by creating a way for families to build and create boats of their dreams, more affordable than ever before.  A family that builds together, floats together. 

About Our Boats